Welcome to the note-taker portal!
If you are interested in being a note-taker, please complete the online application.
You must upload your sample notes to apply for a note-taker position.
         - To begin, click on the "Courses/notes" tab on the menu above.
         - Fill out your profile.
         - Agree to the confidentiality agreement by clicking the box. 
         - C
lick on the 'Upload sample notes' link for each course listed for which you are requesting to be a note-taker. 
         - Follow the instructions to upload your sample notes.
Step 2
         - You will receive an email once you have been selected as a note-taker.
Please upload notes as required once receiving this email.

If you are an assigned note-taker, please upload your class notes using the "Courses/notes" tab on the menu above.
Once you have been selected as a note-taker, you must upload your lecture notes after each lecture (no later than 24 hours after the class). Click on the 'Upload notes' button beside each course for which you are taking notes. Follow the directions to upload your notes.

For detailed directions, click the "FAQ" tab on the menu above. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us by email (jlcscribeservice@sacredheart.edu) or phone call (203-396-8363).